Registration for Semester 2 of the 2021/2022 school year will take place on Friday, January 28, with Semester 2 beginning on Monday, January 31. Registration will be held in the main office and the library from 9am-12pm, and 1pm-4pm. 

In order to register for semester 2, students must have returned all materials borrowed in semester 1. If students have outstanding  items from previous years, these must also be returned to the library. This includes any library books, text books, calculators, chromebooks and chargers and turbosticks. If students have not returned these items they will not be able to register until they have been returned or paid for. 

Refundable Book Deposit

In order to offset the high cost, loss, and normal wear and tear of text books, ESPHS has instituted a refundable book deposit as of August 2011. A refundable $100.00 book deposit will be collected at the time of student registration or admission. This deposit will be refunded when the student either graduates or transfers out of the school, provided that all library and textbooks have been returned.

Optional Fees

Locker Rental - $25

Students do not need to pay this fee if they do not want the service. This is non-refundable.

Methods of Payment

Registration fees can be paid by cash, cheque, credit or debit.

Please click here to access registration forms. **Both the Registration Form and the Cumulative Request Form must be submitted.**