Sports Academy

The Sports Academy is designed as an extension to the already excellent academic and athletic programs offered at our school. Our Sports Academy’s mission is "To inspire passion for the games of sport while developing character for the game of life!"

Our Sports Academy is infused with the values that are basic to a sound educational experience. To that end, the objectives and goals of the Sports Academy can be summarized as follows:

  • To teach life skills through the medium of sport;
  • To provide each student athlete an opportunity to pursue excellence in their sports of choice, improve and develop in the physical, mental and tactical demands of this sport;
  • To provide each student athlete with the finest in instruction, equipment, facilities and opportunities possible;
  • To provide a positive learning environment and experiences that will assist the student athlete in their total individual development and enhance the educational experience at École St Patrick High School;
  • To provide the student athlete the opportunity to achieve the greatest level of success attainable and reach their goals.


  • Athletes with all skills levels are welcome
  • Athletes should exhibit a passion for the sport
  • Athletes should be coachable, disciplined, committed and dedicated


HockeySeptember - January
VolleyballSeptember - October
BasketballDecember - January
SoccerMarch - May
SwimmingMay - June

If you have any questions about any of the Sport Academies, please contact Alicia Larade.

PHONE 873-4888